Fun in the snow

Après ski

Chalet comforts

After a busy day on the slopes, enjoy the comforts of a cosy chalet, a steamy hot tub, and a good time around a delicious meal. Does it get any better than this?

Forê, l'effet Vosges

After a day filled with activities, what’s better than getting pampered: massages, whirlpool baths, spray showers… Many local establishments have the “Forê” label and offer spa treatments featuring beauty products from the Vosges forests, such as the 19th century sylvotherapy method that uses trees for rejuvenation. Arnica, wild bilberry, mallow, blueberry, pine tree: treatments made in the Vosges to revitalize and bring you closer to nature.


A taste of the mountains

Established in Plainfaing since 1986, the Hautes Vosges confectionery produces several tons of hard candies every year. The traditional Vosges candies come in more than 35 flavours, made from pine buds, blueberries, and red poppies to name a few. For true sweet lovers, be sure to try the infusions with candy pieces!

CRT Lorraine
M. Laurent

Flavours of the Vosges

From small Vosges vineyards to the famous Munster-géromé AOC cheese, along with Val d’Ajol andouille, the reputation of the gastronomy of the Vosges speaks for itself. In the farmhouse inns near the summits, be sure to enjoy a Marcaire meal made exclusively with local products: savoury pies, smoked meats, Munster-géromé, and of course the famous “Tofailles” braised potatoes. Save room for bilberry tart, a sweet delight for the taste buds.