A Meisenthal Christmas

A breath of
contemporary air

Legend has it that in 1858, nature grew greedy and a great drought deprived the Northern Vosges of fruits, leaving the Christmas trees sparse. An inspired glass blower in Goetzenbruck sought to compensate for this injustice by blowing a few glass balls. He single-handedly began a cultural tradition that spans the globe. And thus were born the Christmas tree decorations of Meisenthal.

Meisenthal - CIAV

THE Christmas bauble

Since 1999, a Christmas ornament design committee exists at the International Centre for Glass-making Arts. In addition to re-releasing traditional styles, every year, contemporary designs are added to the collection, created by designers invited to give their take on the tradition. The ornament making process is open to the public beginning in November.

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LAB: the 2019 Christmas bauble,
a magic formula for a successful Christmas Eve?

Multi-talented young designers Clara Bellet and Clémence Paillieux have created Lab, the newest addition to Meisenthal’s collection of contemporary Christmas baubles. Is there a magic formula for a successful Christmas Eve? What’s the alchemy behind joyful occasions and good atmospheres? These questions inspired the designers to create Lab, a fusion of an Erlenmeyer flask, a round-bottom flask and test tubes.

Lab, boule de Noël de Meisenthal 2019 - Design Studio Clara + Clémence © G. Rebmeister/CIAV

The magic of Meisenthal

Glass is no longer seen as just a material, but as a medium for cultural expression. And the object exists through magic, the poetry that it instils in the person who designs it as well as in the person who buys it.

Yann Grienenberger, director of the CIAV