mirabelle plum

Lorraine’s treasure

A delicate aroma, a sweet and juicy flesh, a subtle scent…
The mirabelle plum is a real treasure for Lorraine! This yellow little round plum has made Lorraine its land of excellence. Discover all the secrets of the mirabelle with a walk among the flowering orchards or try it in a unique recipe. Harvested when fully ripe, the fruit can be used in a variety of dishes. Enjoy it all year round!


mirabelle plum

The region has no less than 250,000 mirabelle plum trees and accounts for more than 70% of the worldwide production. Lorraine provides an ideal climate with a clay-limestone soil: the secret combination that explains why this little yellow fruit flourishes on our land…


Quality label

With 15,000 tonnes harvested each year, the Lorraine mirabelle plum now has a protected geographical indication, guaranteeing its origin.

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The mirabelle

Discover the harvest of this golden fruit alongside Sabine Grallet-Dupic of the Maison de la Mirabelle in Rozelieures.

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Calling all foodies! Jams, nectars, teas, sweets… Discover a range of products inspired by the golden fruit and made in the region.

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