Gérardmer reveals its charm in a green setting, between a lake, forests and mountains. This exceptional natural environment offers an ideal setting for those who appreciate authentic landscapes and enjoy outdoor activities. And with its downhill (40 km) and cross country (30 km) skiing, the town has the 2nd largest ski area in the north east of France. In any season, Gérardmer moves to the rhythm of activities and major events that have long been behind its energy and identity. Gérardmer also has facilities, shops and many places to spend time with your family or friends, such as cinemas, casino, bars...

A long tradition of hospitality:
The first French tourist, the ancestor of modern day tourist offices, was created in Gérardmer on 23rd July 1875. It was called the ‘Promenades Committee’ and its purpose was ‘to attract foreigners by promoting our country, our sites and our landscapes, by creating walks, making the routes more pleasant and easier’.

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