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The chapel of the Oultre Shooting primitive worship of the city, the chapel was built around the year one thousand, on a plane easy enough with a large nave, transept and choir. In 1426, John founded the Pillars of St. Nicolas chapel. The two chapels and the choir received a cross vault warhead. To support the masonry, it was necessary to build a buttress on the outside right. The choir and sacristy increased their superficie.Le entrance portal received a flamboyant decor. In the choir, next to the altar, a painting of the seventeenth century representing Saint-Amable, singer originally from Riom (Auvergne). This saint was reputed to protect snakes and wizards. On the far wall is a statue of Saint Sebastian. In the Notre Dame chapel altarpiece thirteen niches, intricately carved, representing Christ and his apostles. Statue of Our Lady of gilded wood. In the Saint-Nicolas chapel, a wooden altarpiece eighteenth century statue of Saint Nicolas. The arch bears traces of a fresco depicting the Tree of Jesse, that is to say, the genealogy of Christ. Facing Saint Nicolas, is the foundation stone of the chapel by Jehan and Nicolas Des Pillars. This family, established in Lorraine in the fourteenth century, In the nave, notice the tombstone of weapons of Pillars, canting arms: gules (red) to the three pillars of money. Crucifixion sixteenth, sixteenth pieta. A painting by Dominique Prot, Lorraine artist of the seventeenth century, adorns the nave. The Assumption of the Virgin with St. Augustine and St. Pierre Fourier, with the rules of the congregation, work from the old convent. Above the door canvas of the seventeenth, representing St. Peter of Alcantara, from the Capuchin convent. The cemetery was established around the chapel, along with it, and constituted the only cemetery in the city until 1828. But the chapel, like other religious buildings in the city, also served as a necropolis.

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