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Jardin de berchigranges

Jardin de Berchigranges

The garden in Berchigranges is the result of a meeting between a couple, a magical location and work based on harmony and mutual understanding. The garden nestles in an old granite quarry at an altitude of 650 metres. Tonnes of earth and a great deal of patient work have produced a dozen themed gardens and a succession of very different ambiances without destroying the connections with the enchanting environment of the Vosges forests. 4,000 varieties of plants from the Northern hemisphere grow here, cheek by jowl with the local flora present in every bed. The "middle mountain" location allows for a very wide range of collections. The largest group of plants is the narcissus, closely followed by blue meconopsis and Asian primroses. This is a garden with "variable geometry", a garden with its own personality, making it a place where poetry and creativity go hand in hand.

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