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Regional Produce

Made in Lorraine

Lorraine is a real treat for food lovers: mirabelle plums, bergamot, madeleines, Meuse truffles, Brie de Meaux cheese, Côtes de Toul and Moselle wines* and craft beers* with character. Specialities that taste even better when savoured in the region where they’re made.
*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please drink in moderation.

Gourmet temptations

Lorraine is foodie’s delight: Lorraine mirabelle plums, bergamot oranges, quiche Lorraine, Meuse truffles, Brie de Meaux, Côtes de Toul and Moselle wines* and quality beers*. What’s better than savouring these specialties in the land where they’re made?