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de la broderie, de la métallurgie et du patrimoine

Musée de la Broderie

Immerse yourself in a moment of history that pays tribute to the work of hundreds of women who, in their modest homes, worked hard to dress the international high society. Let yourself be guided to the room where the men worked in the forges and wire-drawing mills of the area.You will find our Museum of Embroidery, Metalwork and Heritage in the heart of the village of Fontenoy-le-Château, which has about 600 inhabitants. The Museum brings back to life the period of 1850-1975, when the embroidery of Fontenoy was a worldwide success. Don't hesitate to enter the museum! As you walk through it, you will see unique pieces made by women who used to embroider up to 15 hours a day in their kitchens for the crowned heads of the world. Put yourself in their shoes: embroidering underpants for the Shah of Iran, a blouse for the Queen of England, without knowing what they will look like when finished, or even a tablecloth for the Elysée or the Crillon Hotel without ever knowing how luxurious they will be? Don't forget to take a break in the room dedicated to metalworking to discover the work of the men of La Pipée or Moulin Cotant who made nails and cutlery, and often carried out the household tasks that their wives could not do because they were so busy with embroidery. Finally, emblematic figures of this village: Gilbert, the poet, and Julie Victoire Daubié, the first female to get a baccalaureate in France, will tell you their story. Visit every day (except Tuesday) between 15 April and 15 October.

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