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Premium hiking blies-grenz-weg

Heike Dubois

Culture and nature on the banks of the BliesStart your tour from the car park of the Sarreguemines water sports centre. You are now near the entrance to the Moulin de la Blies. Voted 9th favourite monument of the French in 2015, it combines two exceptional sites on one site. First of all, take a stroll in the Jardin des Faïenciers, set up in the middle of industrial wasteland on the banks of the Blies. Just next door is the Museum of Faience Techniques, housed in the old production plant that made the town famous.Your tour follows the border between France and Germany, and along the Blies you will cross the magnificent landscapes of the Bliesgau biosphere reserve. Follow the river in the direction of Blies-Guersviller where you can stop at the arboretum on the banks of the Blies. This educational trail takes the form of themed panels providing information on the surrounding fauna and flora. A picnic area is also available. A little further on, in Blies-Schweyen, at the level of the Passeur bridge, a canoeing base welcomes sportsmen and amateurs for a pleasant stopover between Bliesbruck and Sarreguemines.Then leave the green alluvial plain to cross into Germany at the Bliesgersweiler mill. Head towards Kleinblittersdorf, then through the village and back towards Sarreguemines. Go from the edge of the forest to the flowery meadows. In the distance, the Vosges mountains can be seen.Continue along the Blies to reach the Sarreguemines water sports centre and enjoy its restaurant with its panoramic view of the pools to end this beautiful walk.

Useful info

  • Pets welcome
  • Coach park
  • LUNDI Open
  • MARDI Open
  • JEUDI Open
  • SAMEDI Open


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