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The Pass Lorraine is a free card for discovering Lorraine at discount prices.
Enjoy perks and regular discounts all year-long in more than 160 tourist sites. And with the Pass Lorraine Facebook page, get last minute deals every week.

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Whether you’re a thrill seeker, passionate about art, a foodie, a lover of nature or heritage or just a fan of good deals, with the Pass Lorraine, enjoy unlimited access to more than 160 special offers to visit Lorraine as you please.


Enjoy 5% off your rental at a selection of more than 600 accommodations: cottages, bed and breakfasts, unique accommodations, campsites, city breaks and more. Excluding additional services. Book online with the code PASSLOR

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As a family, with the grandparents, as a couple, with friends or on your own, enjoy the many perks and discounts of the Pass Lorraine.

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Is the Pass Lorraine valid for one person or for a family?

The Pass is valid for one person, a couple or a family (a couple and their children under 18 years old. If the children are over 18 and they live with their parents, they must have their own Pass). Couples with different surnames, blended families or families with more than 4 children also need just one Pass Lorraine.

I lost my Pass Lorraine card. What should I do?

Contact us at  and give us your name and contact information so we can send you a new card.

We’re organising a group outing with my club and would like to order Pass Lorraine cards for the whole group. How can I do this?

To order cards for a group to be sent to one address, contact us via We’ll send you a form to fill out with the contact information for each person in your group.

What are the benefits of the 2021 Pass Lorraine?

With the Pass Lorraine, you’ll enjoy a multitude of special offers: discounts at tourist sites, castles, museums, leisure parks, remembrance sites and gardens. Also enjoy free cocktails in restaurants and complimentary gifts in farmhouse inns. With the Pass Lorraine, you get free or cheap access to more than 170 exclusive offers valid all year long.

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I already have the Pass Lorraine card. Do I need to renew it every year?

Your Pass Lorraine is valid for life! So, there’s no need to request a new card.

When will I receive my Pass Lorraine card?

We do our best to send out your Pass Lorraine in one week. If you need it sooner, head to one of the participating Lorraine tourist offices. They can issue you a card on the spot.

Where can I get the Pass Lorraine?

You can request your free Pass Lorraine using the online form. Your card will be sent within 8 days to your address. You can also pick up a Pass in one of the participating Lorraine tourist offices.