Luxury and know-how

The natural wealth of Lorraine makes it a land
of world-renowned creations and innovation.

Art & style
Nature inspired the artists of the Nancy School such as Gallé, Daum, Majorelle and Grüber. Dedicated to luxury and design, the artisans in the fields of the fire arts, cabinetry and lute making continue to produce innovative ideas with Lorraine’s raw materials. Lorraine has an international reputation as a land of know-how and excellence. Its contemporary creations are wonders of tradition, exhibited here and exported around the world.

Sparkling crystal

The great names in crystal export Lorraine’s know-how around the world. The crystal makers of Baccarat, Daum and Saint-Louis create unique, prestigious pieces in the traditions of the master glassmakers while also renewing their collections with contemporary artists. Table services, decorative objects, jewellery and furniture made from crystal all reflect the exceptional mastery of the material.

Earthly stars


The Northern Vosges carry on an industrial and artistic tradition of glass and crystal: 650 works at the Lalique Museum in Wingen-sur-Moder, 4 centuries of crystal-making techniques at La Grande Place Crystal Museum in Saint-Louis and glassblowers at the CIAV in Meisenthal.

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