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Intimate Nancy,
by Joachim, Greeter*

With not-to-be-missed sights and hidden treasures, Joachim shares his passion for Nancy with you. Follow his lead!

Looking for a bit of green? Head to the banks of the Meurthe River and the canal. Starting under the building of Les Grands Moulins, make your way up to Maxéville, then head back by way of the dam.

B. Jamot

Looking for a great spot to read a book? How about the calm and serene rose garden of Pépinière park? Or La Taverne du Livre, a café and bookstore near the covered market, or on a terrace on Place Saint-Epvre? My favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning? Take in the atmosphere during a walk through the old town. As a student it’s where I ended a night of partying.

B. Jamot

Speaking of night-life: La Quincaillerie / Le Mouton électrique / 915 Kaffe / Le Réseau, these are the best places for a night out. For dinner? In the summer, head to the Brasserie la Pépinière and watch the dancers on the square across from the auditorium.
When I’m looking to splurge, it’s a meal on the terrace of the Maison dans le Parc. And on a different note, Les Trois Petits Points for its quirky and hip feel.
My most recent discovery is l’Inévitable on Rue Gustave Simon. Fresh ingredients at their best!

Son et Lumière place Stanislas à Nancy © Ville de Nancy

My favourite visits: the mini-golf and the Rodin statue in Pépinière Park, the Fine Arts Museum, the sound and light show in Place Stanislas in the summer, go-karting near the old Alstom factories, the financial district and the Est Republican building to get a sense for Art Nouveau without being an expert, a seafood platter at l’Excelsior and, just nearby, Galerie Poirel that swiftly propels you into the world of contemporary art.

*Greeters are locals who are passionate about their town and volunteer to guide you on a unique tour, through their eyes and based on their experiences.

“My dream is to live in the area around Place Stanislas. An apartment with a balcony overlooking Pépinière Park. Magical!”