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Take the time to relax and get pampered while enjoying the benefits of pure waters, massages and treatments in an enchanting setting. This is the soothing guarantee of Lorraine’s five spa resorts and our selection of charming spas. Come in and let our wellness offers carry you away.

M. Laurent

Vittel, Contrexéville, Amnéville-les-Thermes, Plombières-les-Bains, Bains-les-Bains… From Moselle to the Vosges, five spa resorts distil the delightful benefits of Lorraine’s waters. A precious treasure that has flowed from our springs since Antiquity, these waters are at the heart of our renowned, ancestral spa resorts. But far from being stuck in their glorious pasts, our wellness destinations are firmly positioned in the 21st century, with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques. Treatments, relaxation, rejuvenation, fitness, beauty: for a few hours or a weekend, choose your spa resort and your programme.

J. Mondière

Charming spas
Le Domaine de la Klauss combines stone and design in a stately home surrounded by nature in the Three Borders Region, where France, Germany and Luxembourg meet. The generous Moselle Valley is the backdrop for this lovely family home. Exceptional cuisine, cocoon-like rooms, and a luxurious, 800 m² Gemology Cosmetics spa area for ritual treatments and unique massages using precious and semi-precious stones.

Bernard Rouffignac/Les Jardins de Sophie

Les Jardins de Sophie in Xonrupt-Longemer. A different kind of atmosphere prevails here in the heart of the Vosges Mountains, radiating from the intense forest that surrounds the estate. Give in to the pleasures of the hammam, sauna, massages, chromotherapy, fitness room and swimming pool of this exceptional hotel and restaurant, nestled in a forest setting. An ideal place for an exceptional holiday in the Higher Vosges.

T. Devard

Just a few steps from Gérardmer Lake, Le Grand Hôtel & Spa is an invitation for relaxation with a gourmet restaurant, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and the luxurious Les Chênes Blancs Spa with a 450 m² wellness and treatment area. Overflowing with luxury, design and sunlight, let yourself be taken away with the FORê®, l’effet Vosges line of products and treatments.

Saarland Therme

Les Saarland Therme Spa: a touch of the Orient will take you towards new sensations. With arabesques, candles and enchanting aromas, immerse yourself in the Arabian Nights atmosphere of this Saarland spa complex. Just 5 minutes from Sarreguemines and the very refined 4-star hotel Auberge Saint-Walfrid, this getaway towards Germany is a delicious journey for the senses.