Lorraine’s gastronomy

Lorraine’s culinary specialties can be enjoyed all year long.
What talent!

100 % Lorraine: gourmet temptation
Passionate foodies create innovative cuisine while others revamp grandma’s cooking to highlight local products. From starter to dessert, taste the rich flavours of Lorraine’s gastronomy: quiche Lorraine, Munster-Géromé, Brie de Meaux, macarons, Nancy bergamot oranges, madeleines, sugared almonds, Vosges candies, AOC fir honey, mirabelle plums, bilberries, beers*, still and sparkling wines*… Make way for gourmet delights.

B. Jamot
B. Jamot
Michel Laurent
B. Jamot

The Mirabelle, Queen of Lorraine

Mmm…! That delicate aroma, that sweet taste and that juicy texture! Bursting with sunshine, mirabelle plums have it all. Enjoy them on their own, in a warm tart or in jam, candies, syrups or brandies*. 75 % of the worldwide production comes from orchards in Lorraine, making the mirabelle Lorraine’s iconic fruit. The harvest of this golden-yellow little plum, with a protected designation of origin (AOC), is a yearly end-of-summer event.

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The real quiche Lorraine

The ultimate regional specialty, quiche Lorraine is on every family’s table, served warm with a green salad on the side. Simple and quick, this traditional tart is made with beaten eggs and bacon. All around the world, the jewel of Lorraine’s gastronomy is often imitated and reinterpreted. But to taste a real quiche Lorraine, there’s only one place to go, its homeland!

B. Jamot
B. Jamot
Macarons Maison des Sœurs Macarons ® B. Jamot

Lorraine beers: passion for brewing

Lorraine is a land of brewing traditions. Brown ales, lagers, ambers, flavoured with mirabelles – from Lorraine of course – or with bergamot oranges, the beers* of Lorraine continue to surprise even the most avid connoisseurs. Sometimes given original and unexpected names, as a nod to Lorraine, these brews form a very wide selection. Still today, passionate alchemists enjoy inventing new, award-winning varieties.


2 AOC and 1 PGI for our quality wines

For the quality of their taste as well as their diversity, the wines* of Lorraine are worth the trip. These local products from Meuse (PGI), Toul (AOC Côtes de Toul) and Moselle (AOC Moselle) are made from different varietals and with know-how passed down over the centuries. Auxerrois, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gris de Toul, Gamay, Chardonnay, Müller-Thurgau, with or without bubbles, each new vintage highlights the talent of the winegrowers.

Gris de Toul/Pinot Noir/Auxerrois/Domaine Lelièvre
B. Jamot

Cheeses of Lorraine

Lorraine can boast about the great cheeses born here. The most famous include AOC labelled Munster Géromé, Carré de l’Est soft cheese and Brie de Meaux made in Meuse. Throughout the seasons, the artisans, cheese makers and ripeners produce lovely, world-renowned cheeses, from goat, cow and sheep’s milk. The cheeses of Les Frères Marchand cross the continents to be served in Japan and around Asia.


Our tip

Stop along the Côtes de Toul and Moselle wine routes

Every wine tells a tale. To fully and truly appreciate the grey, red, white, rosé and sparkling Lorraine wines, head out to meet the passionate winegrowers on their land.

Moselle Wine Route
Côtes de Toul Tourist Route


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Find the best places to get local products to whip up regional specialties at home, or taste them prepared by our greatest chefs.

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation


Mirabelle season
in Lorraine

The golden, flavourful mirabelle plum is the star of the summer in Lorraine.


The 3 must-taste
Lorraine specialities

The people of Lorraine adore their local gourmet treats, and they love to share them: with friends at a restaurant, during a cocktail party with colleagues or when travelling abroad.