The essentials

Abundant and authentic nature, heritage brimming with history, world-renowned gastronomy, rare know-how… This is the best of Lorraine.


Passion for countryside
and fresh air

From thick forests to the mountain pastures of the Higher Vosges, from orchards to great lakes, Lorraine is full of authentic pleasures. Natural sites, outdoor activities, accommodations… The best, selected just for you.


All kinds of heritage

Lorraine is proud to offer a wide range of heritage to discover: Centre Pompidou-Metz, Art Nouveau and UNESCO heritage in Nancy, cathedrals, castles, historical towns, fortifications, museums, gardens… Lorraine has great stories to tell.

Lorraine’s gastronomy

Gourmet temptations

Lorraine is foodie’s delight: Lorraine mirabelle plums, bergamot oranges, quiche Lorraine, Meuse truffles, Brie de Meaux, Côtes de Toul and Moselle wines* and quality beers*. What’s better than savouring these specialties in the land where they’re made?
* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation

Military remembrance

At the heart of history

As a border region, Lorraine was the backdrop for numerous conflicts, including the Franco-Prussian war and World Wars I and II. Relive history during a visit to our citadels, forts, battlefields, remembrance sites and relics of heroic moments.

Luxury & know-how

Art & Style

Baccarat and Daum crystal, glass and wood working, the textile industry… Lorraine is a talented place! Traditional know-how or contemporary creations, the works of these craftsmen are exported around the world. A visit is a must.


The legend of Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas enchants both young and old as they eagerly await his arrival, just like for Father Christmas. Every year, as 6 December approaches, the patron saint of the Lorraine people is celebrated here with fervour. Delight in gingerbread, gifts, street performances, parades and more!


The Vosges Mountains
in the winter

With the first snowfall, a warm welcome awaits at the authentic and friendly ski resorts of the Vosges. Perfect for families, there’s plenty to satisfy winter sports enthusiasts, from beginners to thrill seekers.

Not-to-be-missed events

Dynamic Lorraine

Traditional festivals, sound and light shows, literary or gourmet rendezvous, historical re-enactments, street art and music festivals, theatre performances… ready to go out?