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Western Vosges,
endless nature

With green countryside and beautiful rivers and streams, this humble landscape holds extraordinary treasures of cultural heritage.
Starting with the Gallo-Roman site in Grand and the village where Joan of Arc was born, both bearing witness to the great history that took place here. The Western Vosges is also a land of know-how and wood design, inspired by the rich natural resources of the surrounding environment. A unique gateway to Lorraine. Start exploring!


In Joan’s footsteps

In Domrémy-la-Pucelle, there’s a muted and contemplative atmosphere in the house where Joan of Arc was born, where visitors can easily imagine the daily life of the young girl from Lorraine. Just a short walk away, the heroine of the Middle Ages takes on new dimensions with the permanent exhibition “Faces of Joan”. The story continues on a nearby hill at the Bois Chenu Basilica dedicated to the saint. In the summer, don’t miss the spectacular sound and light show projected on the monument.


Our advice

The Western Vosges is the ideal destination for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The months of May and June are the best for observing wild orchids in the plentiful calcareous grasslands.


TOP 5 The favourites
of the West of the Vosges

Gallo-Roman in Grand: a spectacular immersion in Antiquity

Exceptional vestiges remain on the site erected in honour of Apollo Grannus in the 1st century AD, including a 17,000-seat amphitheatre and a 232 m² mosaic that are counted among the archaeological treasures of Europe. Not-to-be-missed.

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Hiking in the Sermone Valley

This two and a half hour, 10 km hike winds through a valley filled with natural and architectural heritage characteristic of the area. You’ll cross through the lovely villages of Dolaincourt, Vouxey and Sarmeny, home to a surprising spring containing sulphide, sodium and arsenic.

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Wooden wonders

Neufchâteau and Liffol-le-Grand are known for the wooden furniture made in the towns: exquisite chairs that have established the world-wide reputation of this great Lorraine tradition. Notable mention for the Henryot et Cie company that has been making these marvels since 1867. Great classics of design.

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Invigorating Nordic walking

Walking is great. But energized and athletic walking is even better. With its mild mountain landscape, the West of the Vosges and the area around Châtenois in particular are ideal landscapes to discover this enjoyable sport.

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Neufchâteau, the secrets of an undiscovered beauty

There’s a charming village at the confluence of the Meuse and Mouzon rivers. Its location overlooking the Vosges plain made for a rich history. Discover churches, chapels, mansions and picturesque streets on a lovely walk through the historic centre.

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