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Vosges Mountains

In green & blue

The great outdoors… enjoy holidays in the Vosges Mountains throughout the year. Explore the wealth of wildlife splendour at Sainte-Croix Animal Park or Center Parcs. Take your time to enjoy forest walks, take a dip in pristine mountain lakes, have a go at your first ski run, or try out our extreme winter sports activities. Whatever the season, it will take your breath away!

Higher Vosges

The Higher Vosges spreads itself like a feast for the eyes. Explore forest-covered hills, or climb the impressive Hohneck, with hiking, mountain biking or taking to the skies, there are an infinite number of ways to get the most out this terrific landscape ! High altitude natural glacier lakes are perfect for a spot of swimming and other water sports. Snow in winter sees the ski centres come alive for great family holidays. And whatever the time of year, both Gérardmer and La Bresse ski resorts hold the French ‘Famille Plus Montagne’ classification, where families are welcomed with special events and family-orientated entertainment !


The Bitche region

The Bitche region is home to the Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park and listed as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This hugely impressive reserve, composed of sandstone rock, water sources and dense forest still hides defensive works built in times of war. Penetrate the depths of the brooding Citadel at Bitche, constructed by the military genius, Vauban. Visit Simserhof at Siersthal to understand the history of the Maginot Line and re-live the last fifty days of battle in May 1940, and also the carefully preserved Fort Casso at Rohrbach-lès-Bitche. Artisanal expertise in the Bitche area is widely recognised and the master glassmaker’s tradition lives on in Meisenthal and at Saint-Louis, home of the crystal artists.

JC. Kanny

The Donon region

Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, at the very heart of the Donon region, can trace its origins back through four thousand years of history. This important geographical centre has its own Liberty Tower and the Pierre-Noël Museum, celebrating the rich architectural heritage in the area.



Climbing up to 664m height of Dabo Rock opens up an incredible view over a sea of green forestry dotted with lakes and ponds over the entire Northern Vosges. Don’t miss: taking time out to observe rare birds and the fish stock reserves at Lindre ponds. For committed nature lovers, Center Parcs is the ideal place for holidays with family or friends. Sainte-Croix Animal Park has one of the most impressive collections of semi-free animals in Europe. And close to all that lush greenery is Phalsbourg, the ancient city fortified by Vauban and then on to Sarrebourg, where Marc Chagall installed the 12m high stained-glass Peace window in the Cordeliers Chapel.

Rocher de Dabo © JC. Kanny