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The Sarrebourg Region,
between nature and culture

Between the mountains of the Vosges and landscapes of lakes and ponds, Sarrebourg and its surrounding area invite you on a hike through nature.
The iconic Dabo Rock offers stunning views. Discover the area on foot, by bike or by mountain bike, along the water or on a cultural outing. In Sarrebourg, Cordeliers Chapel features the stained-glass work Peace by the painter Marc Chagall. For relaxing, head to the aquatic paradise at Center Parcs in Hattigny or to the Sainte-Croix Animal Park in Rhodes with its European wildlife.

M. Bricard
M. Bricard
M. Bricard
Parc animalier de Sainte-Croix © M. Bricard

Sainte-Croix Park, up-close with the animals

At the heart of 120 hectares of unspoilt nature, you can closely observe the 1,500 animals in semi-captivity. Watch the wildlife, discover biodiversity from around the world, enter the enclosures, feed the animals: the Sainte-Croix Animal Park in Rhodes guarantees exceptional moments. To prolong a day filled with memories, stay in one of our unique accommodations. After an unforgettable night in an exceptional location, you’ll awaken in the forest, looking out at the animals.


Our tip

The Lockkeepers Valley on foot or by bike

Along the former Marne-Rhine canal, the greenway is the perfect route for discovering beautiful landscapes. Between pink sandstone rocks and shady forests, the Lockkeepers trail immerses visitors in the history of waterway navigation.

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TOP 5 musts of the destination

Sarrebourg Regional Museum: all you could want in a museum

Spacious, bright and balanced, the setting is perfect for showcasing the different collections: archaeology, 18th century faience and porcelain, ancient and contemporary art, and for the grand finale, the tapestry entitled Peace by Yvette Cauquil-Prince based on the work by Marc Chagall. The piece is a part of the Chagall Trail that leads to the stained-glass windows of Cordeliers Chapel.

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Shiplift of Arzviller, the fluvial feat

On the Marne-Rhine Canal, the Saint-Louis Arzviller shiplift is the only one of its kind in Europe. The operation takes only 4 minutes, compared to day of travelling before. With a slope of 41% and height of 44.55 m, it replaces 17 locks. For a mini cruise, pass by the lift aboard a no-license-required rental boat.

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Abreschviller Forest Train, full steam ahead

"Relive the glory days of one of Europe’s greatest forest railways. Wind along the Red Saar Valley aboard a locomotive from 1906.
The sound of the whistle and the Orient Express style of the train transport both young and old on a journey to the heart of nature, with a bonus visit to the ancient sawmill. "

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Dabo Rock, an exceptional panorama

Formed 200 million years ago, Dabo Rock peaks at 664 m. For the brave souls who reach the summit, there’s a chapel and a stunning 360° view of the Lorraine plateau and the Vosges Mountains of Moselle. Visit the area around Dabo by bike, on horseback or on foot, via roads, trails and marked paths.

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Georges de La Tour Museum, step into the light

The museum in Vic-sur-Seille takes its name from the Lorraine painter born here in 1593. The former mint displays the history of the town and a collection of paintings from the 17th to 20th centuries. “Saint John the Baptist in the Desert”, the masterpiece of the chiaroscuro expert, stands alongside hundreds of canvases from other artists.

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Center Parcs Les Trois Forêts: a change of pace

For a day outing or a nature holiday, head to Center Parcs in Hattigny, with dozens of outdoor activities for the whole family. At Aqua Mundo, enjoy 29 °C water and a run down the slide, surrounded by the sound of laughter. In the evening, relax in one of our comfortable accommodations.



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