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Between Nancy and Metz, at the foot of Mousson Hill and spanning the Moselle River, you’d never know this calm and serene town was internationally renowned.
Around the world, pipes and manhole covers carry the stamp of the town’s steel production. But Pont-à-Mousson was also home to a Jesuit university known throughout Europe, which explains the town’s incredible architectural heritage. An authentic treasure waiting to be discover838166478ed.

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A one-of-a-kind collection in France

A beautiful private mansion of the Renaissance period in the heart of Pont-à-Mousson hides unexpected treasures… papers. A collection of popular imagery printed in Pont-à-Mousson between 1849 and 1914 is on display, as well as a fabulous selection of papier-mâché objects made here between 1870 and 1945. From a powder compact to a sofa, discover skilfully decorated and lacquered objects often inspired by the Far East.


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Pont-à-Mousson, the perfect choice for a short getaway. Just a few minutes from the centre of town, discover the Red Fountain, the Grand Bleu beach and outdoor activities centre, sports and events at Île d’Esch, the marina, and the banks of the Moselle River, ideal for a stroll! A pleasant way to recharge your batteries.


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The Abbey of Prémontrés: a sacred vessel on the Moselle

The Premonstratensians honoured God by building sumptuous abbeys. They especially excelled in the construction of staircases. The abbey in Pont-à-Mousson has been beautifully restored and bears witness to this religious splendour with cloisters, gardens, rooms for worship, the sacristy and the abbey church. The building now is used for events, exhibitions, receptions and even a hotel. The pilgrims of yesteryear have become the great travellers of our time.

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Brewers of Lorraine

Revive the brewing tradition of Lorraine: such was the challenge laid down by two young engineers ten years ago. The Brasseurs de Lorraine today make around ten different beers, two sodas and lemonade. Guaranteed craft products with natural flavourings and low in sugar. To learn more, come by for a guided tour and a tasting.

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Bois-le-Prêtre historical and military site

As the backdrop of one of the harshest periods of the First World War, the area around Bois-le-Prêtre is a symbol of deadly clashes, remembered with monuments, a national necropolis and by the many scars of the battles that took place in its forests. Several hiking trails invite visitors to discover the still visible vestiges.

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Pont-à-Mousson in the time of the Renaissance

While the town draws its roots from the Medieval period, it was during the Renaissance that it became known the world over. With its university and its status as an intellectual capital, the town attracted the best students from around Europe. On a walk through the city, discover the remarkable architectural heritage of the town: the house of the "Seven Deadly Sins", the archways in Place Duroc, Saint-Laurent Church, and the University.

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Sightseeing hike on Mousson Hill

Above the town, Mousson Hill overlooks the plain surrounding Pont-à-Mousson. Once at the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a 360° panoramic view of the winding Moselle River, Seille Valley and Lumière Chapel.

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