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Journey to the Enlightenment at Lunéville Chateau.
In the time of Stanislaw Leszczynski, Duke of Lorraine, the greatest minds of the Age of Enlightenment congregated at Lunéville Chateau. With its French gardens, it’s easy to imagine the splendours of the court. Lunéville has preserved numerous treasures from its pompous past. A visit to Baccarat is a must, where the famous crystal house has been a symbol of excellence for more than 250 years.

Lunéville Château

Welcome to the court of the Dukes of Lorraine. In 1698, young Duke Leopold decided to make this his primary residence. Stanislaw lived here as well, in all the splendour and elegance he was known for. Gardens and additions were built to welcome guests such as Voltaire and Émilie du Châtelet. The majestic site remains untouched, for a phenomenal journey to the Age of Enlightenment.


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Just near Baccarat, be sure to visit the Les Sources d’Hercule Museum in Deneuvre and discover the largest collection dedicated to Hercules, the famous hero of Roman mythology.


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Baccarat Museum: from the roots of a myth to worldwide sparkle

Across from the market where the glassmakers have been bustling about since 1764, the chateau once lodged the directors of the crystal factory and today houses a museum. A new museum layout plays on contrasts: raw materials complement the brilliance, utmost refinement and extravagance of the in-house creations. Not-to-be-missed.

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Pôle Bijou

In Baccarat’s town centre, the Pôle Bijou gallery welcomes visitors for exhibitions and events of the world of jewellery. Workshops are also available for a unique opportunity to make jewellery projects a reality.

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Mirabelle Plum Centre: for all the gold in Lorraine

Bite into a mirabelle in the orchards during the harvest (usually in mid-August), and savour the fruit all year round in jams, syrups, juices, liqueurs, eau-de-vie, candies or biscuits. In Rozelieures, the Grallet-Dupic family share the passion and know-how they’ve perfected over 5 generations.

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Haroué Chateau

This 18th century elegant masterpiece was created by Germain Boffrand. Works from several artists contributed to the beauty of the site, including gates by Jean Lamour and statues by Barthélémy Guibal. The French park and English gardens round out the visit.

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Pierre-Percée Lake

With its maple-leaf shape, Pierre-Percée Lake, is a little part of Canada in the heart of Lorraine. With unspoilt wilderness and wooded highlands, it’s a perfect spot for a walk along the lake or for enjoying water sports and outdoor activities.

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Summer sound
and light shows in Lorraine

Not-to-be-missed summer events, sound and light shows revisit Lorraine’s history while highlighting the exceptional settings where they take place.


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