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Lorraine Regional
Nature Park

Between protected wide-open spaces and countryside, discover the beautiful balance of this peaceful and harmonious land.
With forests, rivers, lakes, orchards, prairies and architectural heritage, the Lorraine Regional Nature Park offers an authentic experience close to nature. From one village to the next, take the time to observe its marvels of biodiversity and its landscapes, meet the locals and (re)discover a taste for authenticity. All that’s left is to choose how to get around: on foot, by bike or on the water: keep it interesting!

L'Europe vue du ciel
Lac de Madine © B. Jamot

Madine: Green and blue treasures

A beach bag and a good mood are mandatory for a trip to Madine. Drop anchor at the Maison des Promenades, a great wooden wave that opens onto the impressive 1,100-hectare lake and its waterfront facilities: a long pier above the turquoise water, sailboats, beach chairs and umbrellas, a beach bar and the restaurant of the port. For nature lovers, Madine is as much green as it is blue. On foot, on horseback or by bike, enjoy an outing on the lake’s trails.


Our advice

Get off the motorway and take the road less travelled. With binoculars in hand and your hiking boots laced up, head out on a discovery of a preserved natural environment.

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A sight for fans of beaks and feathers

The fascinating dance of the water birds takes place at three sites of reference: The Domaine de Lindre, Madine and the Regional Nature Reserve of Lachaussée. Exceptional: the Lorraine Regional Nature Park has 2 RAMSAR zones. With 7 observatories and 3 discovery trails in the centre of migratory routes, this is truly a bird watcher’s paradise.

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Follow the trails of the Lorraine Regional Nature Park

With GR long hiking routes (GR 5 Holland-Mediterranean), regional long footpaths (GRP between the Côtes de Moselle and the Côtes de Meuse) and walking hikes (PR), there are more than 500 km of trails for lovers of natural and cultural heritage.

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Bike rides and beautiful images

Three illustrators from Lorraine have sketched the natural and cultural heritage of the Lorraine Regional Nature Park in a travel journal format. More than twenty images to take you on a journey but also an invitation to get off your bike and admire the landscapes, visit the villages, meet the locals and taste the local products.

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Villages and their hidden treasures

Abbeys, strongholds, workshops and factories: in the shadow of the bell towers, unique stone witnesses remind us of this area’s rich past. Architectural heritage that tells the history of Lorraine and of its people.

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Stirring land of remembrance

Nature always prevails, even after being torn apart by war. Here, the battlefields of the past still carry the scars of bullets and shells. Landscapes and ecosystems are definitively transformed to rise again as pure nature. Just as many natural treasures as architectural heritage to explore.

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