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Near both Belgium and Luxembourg, Longwy boasts internationally renowned treasures: the Unesco-listed Vauban fortifications and the famous Longwy enamels. A few kilometres away, history buffs can enjoy two other remarkable sites: Montmédy, whose citadel was transformed over the years by Vauban and then General Séré de Rivières, and Longuyon with its Fort Fermont, an exceptional work of the Maginot Line.

Vauban fortifications

Beginning in 1679, Vauban, Louis XIV’s engineer, began creating a hexagon-shaped fortress not far from the borders of Belgium and Luxembourg, a strategic location for a fortified town. Built from the ground up by the military architect, the site reflects his conception of the ideal town. Four of the six bastions remain as well as the France Gate and the church. The site is among the 12 Vauban fortifications inscribed in 2008 as Unesco World Heritage site.


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Night-time visit of Montmédy citadel

Friday evenings during the summer, follow a guide in period costume for an original discovery of the Upper Town. By torchlight, Montmédy Citadel shares its secrets and reveals a 360° panorama from atop its ramparts.

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200 years of enamels and faience in a museum

A collection of the prestigious works of the town’s factories are on display at the Enamels and Faience Museum in Longwy. Both decorative and household objects illustrate the art of faience since 1798. The cloisonné embossing technique with black lines inspires both classic motifs and contemporary creations.

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Unconquered Fort Fermont in Longuyon

Visitors are immersed in this well-preserved artillery fort of the Maginot Line on a 2-hour visit aboard an electric train or on foot, up to 30 m underground. Discover the equipment, the underground structure and the weaponry of Fort Fermont, then head to the museum to complete the visit.

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Beer Museum in Stenay

In the former supplies warehouse of Stenay’s citadel, the Beer Museum*, with the “Musée de France” label, immerses visitors in the brewing universe. More than 50,000 objects are displayed in this educational and fun museum that will stimulate all five senses. For tastings and purchases, head to the Tavern.

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Montmédy Citadel: the fortress on a hill

Built in 1545 under the reign of Charles V, the citadel was magnificently transformed by Vauban, before being modified by General Séré de Rivières in the 19th century. Be sure to take the wall walk that overlooks the Lower Town, then visit the Fortification Museum and the museum dedicated to the painter Jules Bastien-Lepage.

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Notre-Dame d’Avioth Basilica

A pilgrimage site since the 12th century, Avioth is a small village in Meuse. The church known as the Cathedral of the Fields was listed as a historical monument in 1840 and became a basilica in 1933. The site is known for "La Recevresse", a delicate and unique structure in the flamboyant Gothic style, intended for offerings from pilgrims.

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