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sumptuous Renaissance town

Listed as a “Town of Art and History”, Bar-le-Duc invites you on a journey.
Showcasing unique architectural heritage and a fun atmosphere with events like the RenaissanceS Festival, this small town is one of France’s “Most Beautiful Detours”. The historical Upper Town neighbourhood is as stunning as the shopping area in the Lower Town which is crossed by two rivers and features hidden treasures and local sights.

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Upper Town, a preserved area

Take a journey through time in the Upper Town and discover unique Renaissance heritage, one-of-a-kind in France. Along ochre-coloured streets, marvel at the elegant stone facades of the private homes. Take the time to marvel at the town’s preserved architectural features including finely crafted pediments, high windows and all types of gargoyles. Not far from the clock tower inside Saint-Étienne Church, discover a famous work by sculptor Ligier Richier “Le Transi”.


Our tip

Redcurrant and mirabelle flavours in an aperitif!

What’s more enjoyable during a sightseeing getaway than discovering local specialties? Inspired by the region’s history, Rubis des Ducs* and the alcohol-free P’tit Michaux are two drinks to enjoy during cocktail hour.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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TOP 5 musts of the destination

Barrois Museum: a castle and museum in the image of local heritage

In the Upper Town, the Barrois Museum is housed in a part of the castle of the Dukes of Bar and Lorraine. It displays regional history and is listed as a “Musée de France”. Portraits of dukes and Renaissance sculptures stand alongside archaeological evidence and contemporary works of art.

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Commercy Madeleines, a delight for the taste buds

Just say its name and you’re immersed in its sweetness. With its unmistakeable rounded shape and golden colour, Commercy Madeleines are a joy for foodies. This specialty is said to have been invented by Madeleine, a young maid of Stanislaw. A pure delight to enjoy any time of day!

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Visit Bergère de France, quality yarn and wool manufacturer

Are you a fan of knitting and an enthusiast of all things home-made? After the guided tour, peruse the factory store of Bergère de France, the last industrial spinning mill of knitting yarn in France. Find good deals at this family business that started here in Meuse.

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Redcurrant jam: the caviar of Bar-le-Duc

A traditional, one-of-a-kind specialty, redcurrant jam from Bar-le-Duc is an artisanal product. Ruby red or white, each redcurrant is deseeded by hand using a goose feather, thus preserving the flavour and light crunch of the delicate fruit.

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Joan of Arc Museum in Vaucouleurs: the faces of a heroine

Honouring the 17-year-old young woman who left the medieval city in 1429, a wing of Vaucouleurs’s town hall displays 300 works from the 16th century to today. Drawings, models, stained-glass cartoons, bronze sculptures and posters represent Joan of Arc, a native of Domrémy-la-Pucelle.

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