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Circuit la
croix du boucher cb

Xertigny en transition

Thanks to the FFRandonnée and the village of Xertigny for the creation of this hike and for the work done by their teams throughout the year to mark out and maintain these paths. This trail – typical of the Sunday walk – offers the chance to both: have a family picnic in the vicinity of a lovely waterfall, and go on a short walk which goes down through the forest to the Blanc Murger crossroads and which goes back up by the road. The name of this hamlet has changed over time, the Gueu du Sceau is mentioned on the Cassini map in the 17th century but it is more commonly referred to as the Gué du Saut on the local road signs. It used to be a small hamlet of Xertigny which in 1887 reckoned to have 8 houses accommodating 49 inhabitants. Starting point car park “le Gué du Saut”: At the car park of Gué du Saut, go downstairs, cross the bridge over the waterfall, and climb in the forest following the marking N°1. When reaching the forest path, turn right and go down along the left side of the stream of Rechentreux below. Pay attention to the numbering of the marking since the route is shared with the trails 2, 3, 10 and XT. Down the hill and at the end of the path, cross the stream on the wooden bridge to reach the road, turn right (1) and go up for 800m to the cark park of the waterfall.Key places : • The stream of Rechentreux, which starts upstream from the pond of des Noëls, flows for 4.6km before meeting the river Semouse, which starts behind the church of Bellefontaine. • The waterfall of Gué du Saut falls 5 meters into a semi-shaded clearing in the forest. A picturesque place ideal for water games for children, which has tables and benches to picnic.

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  • Pets welcome
  • LUNDI Open
  • MARDI Open
  • JEUDI Open
  • SAMEDI Open


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