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Circuit de la Vierge (Municipality of Le Thillot). Duration: approximately 1h30. Difficulty: easy (family walk with children). Lenght: 4 kilometers. Elevation : +84 meters. Signposting: yellow triangle, mountain bike trail n ° 14, unmarked parts. Places of interest: the Hautes-Mynes Museum, the view over the valley from the Virgin of the Liberation. Departure: parking lot at the Omnisport hall (Maurice Schoenacker), next to the Hautes-Mynes Museum. Access: from the center of Le Thillot, follow direction Lure. The Hautes-Mynes Museum is 500 meters further on on the right. Description of the route: From the car park, go behind the Hautes Mynes Tourist Office and Museum building to find the Voie Verte. Continue on the Voie Verte alongside the factory that you will see on your left with its large fireplace. When you reach the 1st barrier of the Voie Verte, take the small road to the left and continue for about 300 meters where you will pass between the old workers' towns. At the end of the road, pass the red chicane and take the small path that leads to a small bridge that spans the Vacceux stream. Children may have the chance to observe small fish ... Continue on this path which climbs up to a second red chicane. Continue straight for 200 meters. On your right, you will see a house and join the asphalt road. Go to the left and continue on this road. After 30 meters, take the dirt road on the right and follow the yellow triangle markings indicating "Le Pré Martin / Etang de la Peau". You can take a short break on the bench and discover the village of Le Thillot in front of you. Follow this path for approximately 800 meters. At the intersection, turn right and follow the direction "Point de vue de la Vierge". When you arrive at the Virgin, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Le Thillot with its church overlooking the town, of the village of Ramonchamp on your left or of the Ménil valley opposite. Retrace your steps for about 200 meters. At the first intersection, at the end of the descent, take the small grassy path that goes down to the right. Continue on this path at the edge of the forest which will bring you at a farm at the end of the road. When you get to the tarmac road, go down for about 600 meters then take the first right. Follow the mountain bike markings n° 14. You come to a house which is located in a dead end with a henhouse on your right. Turn left and follow the mountain bike markings n° 14 on the grassy path. Take the tarmac road to the right as far as the crossroads to join the Voie Verte. Take the Voie Verte to the right and continue straight for about 200 meters to finish the walk and find the starting point.

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  • Pets welcome
  • LUNDI Open
  • MARDI Open
  • JEUDI Open
  • SAMEDI Open


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