Endless nature

Looking for countryside and the great outdoors?
From thick forests to the mountain pastures of the Higher Vosges, from bright orchards to great lakes, the authentic, pure landscapes of Lorraine are never-ending.

Discover the best of nature, selected just for you.

Lac de Pierre-Percée -IMATEC

Lakes and ponds

They dot the landscape in all shades of blue, with plenty of aquatic treasures to discover. Gaze, explore, sail, row, dive, fish, hike: all aboard!

Lac de Pierre-Percée

Vast nature

Nature at its best: breathtaking panoramas in the mountains, stunning pink sandstone boulders emerging from the heart of the forests, hillsides covered with vineyards and orchards in bloom.

Cascade de Tendon
G. Pecqueur

In the company
of a guide

They know the region better than anyone and love to share it: the secret of miraculously preserved medieval vestiges, the source of a river, the fragile destiny of a rare plant. Follow in the footsteps of our guides.

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Sweet dreams in the heart of nature

In the treetops, in a wooden cocoon, on the side of a cliff, or among the wolves… what if nature was at the centre of your dreams tonight?

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