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The 3 must-taste
Lorraine specialities

The people of Lorraine adore their local gourmet treats, and they love to share them: with friends at a restaurant, during a cocktail party with colleagues or when travelling abroad. On your holiday in Lorraine, discover the best places to try the 3 must-taste sweet specialities of the region, and meet their passionate producers.

The Mirabelle of Lorraine

Golden, delicate and fragrant, savour Lorraine’s favourite fruit in a variety of ways: tarts, ice cream, jams, brandies and even with savoury dishes. Lorraine has no less than 250,000 mirabelle plum trees and accounts for 70% of world-wide production. From mid-August to mid-September, the little golden prune brightens the region’s markets and countryside.

Where to go
In the heart of Lorraine, in the small, traditional village of Rozelieures, the Grallet-Dupic family has been producing and distilling mirabelle plums since 1860. At the Maison de la Mirabelle, the family welcomes visitors to discover all the secrets of the mirabelle with a museum space of informative displays and a sound and light show in the distillery. Tastings and purchase of delicious mirabelle products on site in the boutique.

The Madeleine of Commercy

The story goes that the madeleine cake was invented in Lorraine in 1755.
Marcel Proust, the famous French writer of the early 20th century, would dunk madeleines in his tea to relive the flavours of his childhood. This plump and golden shell-shaped little biscuit is a pure delight.

Where to go
Taste and shop for madeleines in Commercy, where Stanislaw’s young maid Madeleine invented the delicious cake.

The boutique “A la Cloche Lorraine” since 1928
The company Madeleine Zins since 1951

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The Brimbelle, the bilberry of the Vosges

This precious little fruit bursting with goodness hides in the forests of the Vosges.
Savour a big slice of brimbelle tart just out of the oven. It’s a must during a traditional meal at a farmhouse inn, after a hike along the crest road.

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