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#sunset on
Lake Madine

9 p.m. on Nonsard beach. Silence begins to settle. The last of the walkers have returned to the fold, the final swimmers have deserted the beach. A sailing boat returns to port, silently gliding on the water.

It’s the time when the lake belongs to authentic nature lovers, those who can appreciate all of its wonders. Before them, the preserved area of Madine Lake will begin its most spectacular performance, multi-coloured fireworks worthy of the greatest July 14th displays.
A flock of birds takes off with a whistling of wings.

B. Jamot

First the blues. All shades can be seen, from the most mineral that reflect the stones on the bottom of the lake to the intense azure of the sky.

Next come the pinks. The sky is set ablaze. The reeds along the banks are covered in orange hues. On the horizon, the immaculate white stone of the Montsec Memorial takes on purple tones with the setting sun. An explosion of fuchsia above the lake.

Then, slowly, the light fades. The ripples on the water diffuse the last glowing red reflections of the pontoon in front of the beach. Close behind, the first sounds of the forest are heard. Another life is beginning, that of the nocturnal animals that will, in turn, take over the lake. A unique show, an intense and worldly sensation, here, at Lake Madine. There’s no need to travel to the ends of the earth to be filled with wonder…