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La Maison de la Mirabelle

La Maison de la MirabelleLocated in the heart of Lorraine between Nancy and Epinal, amid orchards filled with mirabelle plum trees, Rozelieures has a tourist attraction that is the only of its kind in Lorraine – the Maison de la mirabelle (Mirabelle Plum Centre).


La Maison de la MirabelleThe Grallet family, which has been enthusiastically promoting mirabelle plums for five generations,La Maison de la Mirabelle welcomes visitors to a high-quality information centre where they can watch a film on a giant screen (in French, English and German) and find out some of the family’s production secrets in the distillery.


They can also use a giant plum to work out their weight – in numbers of mirabelle plums! The Tasting Room contains a wide range of mirabelle plum products.


Open all year !


16, rue du capitaine Durand

Tél : 03 83 72 32 26
Fax : 03 83 72 34 34

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