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Adventure Parks

The people of Lorraine love to play... maybe that’s why there are so many amusement parks in the region!

Enjoy the view from the panoramic Ferris wheel of Fraispertuis City in Walygator, the fun of the Wild West Theme Park in Jeanménil, or discover the animals of Europe at the Sainte-Crois Animal Park in Rhodes...

We have selected the following for you:

Fraispertuis City
A Wild West park in Western Lorraine - that seems logical enough. Except that, in Fraispertuis City, nobody ever pulls out a revolver. The only recreation authorised here is a go on the twenty..... [+]
Walygator Parc
Come and enjoy more than 50 attractions, shows and entertainments in a 50-hectare stretch of countryside. Competition, see page 32/33.  Open: 06/04 to 04/11 [+]
Aventure Parc® - BADONVILLER
Fun and adventure in Lorraine... “Treetop” routes from 2 metres to more than 15 metres off the ground. Aerial runways, nets, ropes etc. More than 90 games in a superb natural environment... [+]
Fort de l'Aventure
Fort de l'aventure
This park is the only one of its kind in France, housed in a 19th-century fortress covering an area of 70,000 m2. Routes accessible from 3 years old, a cliff face that is unique in this... [+]
Amnéville Aventures
 The region’s largest adventure park is one of the biggest in France! 7 routes, 130 platforms up to 15 metres above the ground in 6 hectares of forest. Enjoy yourself with your family..... [+]
Bol d'Air Aventure
Bol d'Air Aventure
One of France’s largest parks with six routes of increasing difficulty including black and super black and more than 120 platforms in the trees. The most daring will, of course, want... [+]
Tepacap - BITCHE
There’s no age limit on fun here! Whether you remain firmly on the ground or walk through the treetops, there are hundreds of games and challenges awaiting you, in the depths of the forest. In... [+]