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Towns to Visit...

Discover the city bustle in Lorraine!

Tread the narrow streets and stroll in the park, delve into the meandering history of a cathedral or a museum masterpiece, or just sun yourself on a tour boat or the terrace of a quiet café.
It’s easy to feel at home in the city.

The foremost urban centres of Lorraine are Bar-le-Duc, Épinal, Metz, and Nancy, four prestigious destinations full of character and charm.
However, they are very different in many ways; some are steeped in history, some passionate for the arts, others promoting an exceptional quality of life.

The Tourist Offices of these four towns have put together special holiday packages designed to optimize your stay in their area.

We have selected the following for you:

A charming city...     Metz was the capital of the Mediomatrics, a big Roman trade centre, an independent republic during the Middle-Ages, which joined France in 1552 and finally became... [+]
A royal town... Nancy has many centres of interest and a great variety of tours to offer to the visitor. The city, which is the former capital of the Duchy, is famous for its range of buildings... [+]
Creativity and history... In the south, the print-manufacturing reputation of EPINAL is still intact. In this city, creativity and history make an excellent combination in the Cité de... [+]
Magic and Renaissance... BAR-LE-DUC in Meuse, united with Lorraine in 1420, an exceptional voyage into the golden age of the Dukedom of Bar: the Renaissance. The magic of the high town... [+]