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Constantly evolving, Nancy charms visitors with its diverse features.
Nancy is a stunning town, combining Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. For a journey back in time, head to the Old Town where its remarkable sites, like the Lorraine Museum, will transport history buffs. Just near Place Stanislas, Pépinière Park stands like a green paradise. Nancy is an ideal destination for a gourmet city break or a shopping holiday, surprising visitors with its diverse cultural calendar, including the traditional Saint Nicholas festival.

Place Stanislas, a remarkable jewel

Cobblestoned, pedestrian-only Place Stanislas is a perfect place for a stroll. Golden gates and fountains form a link between City Hall, the Grand Hôtel, the Nancy and Lorraine Opera House and the Fine Arts Museum. This architectural jewel was built in the 18th century by Emmanuel Héré at the request of Stanislaw Leszczynski, Duke of Lorraine. Connecting the Old and New Towns, the royal square is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site, together with Carrière and Alliance squares.


Nancy from above

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Journey to the fantasy world of the Nancy School

As the French capital of Art Nouveau, Nancy is home to the Nancy School Museum and its enchanting garden. At the heart of Eugène Corbin’s property, the works of Gallé, Vallin, Majorelle and Prouvé reflect the rich artistic movement born at the end of the 19th century.

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Daum and Baccarat: brilliant and luxurious crystal

Intimately linked to Nancy, the Daum crystal house presents its unique pate de verre collection in an exquisite window display on Place Stanislas, a testament to its know-how and reputation. Just nearby, the luxurious creations of the famous Baccarat crystal house are exhibited in its elegant boutique.

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At the Fine Arts Museum, discover masterpieces on all levels

Immerse yourself in European artistic creations from the 15th century to today. Callot, Prouvé, Friant: the works of great Lorraine artists stand side by side with artists from all horizons. Below ground level, the Daum glassware collection illuminates the vestiges of Nancy’s fortifications.

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Bergamots and macarons: succumb to sweet treats

The Bergamot is a golden, translucent and slightly sour square candy exclusive to Nancy, with a Protected Geographical Indication. Nancy’s macaron, another delight for the taste buds, is a crunchy and soft almond biscuit.

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Parks and gardens: nature for all tastes

Remarkable gardens, a tree discovery trail, Pépinière Park, 23 parks and gardens, tree-filled spaces… Nancy is filled with islands of greenery. Be sure to visit the Jean-Marie Pelt botanical gardens, the perfect place for immersing yourself in the world of plants with 12,000 varieties on site.

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Summer sound
and light shows in Lorraine

Not-to-be-missed summer events, sound and light shows revisit Lorraine’s history while highlighting the exceptional settings where they take place.


Intimate Nancy,
by Joachim, Greeter*

With not-to-be-missed sights and hidden treasures, Joachim shares his passion for Nancy with you. Follow his lead!


Saint Nicholas,
experience the festival in Lorraine

Saint Nicholas is the subject of many legends. Known for his generosity, the patron saint of the Lorraine people is celebrated here with fervour. In Nancy, Louise carries on the tradition.


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